Common WordPress Fixes – 404 Page Not Found

Resaving your permalinks settings can possibly fix your broken church website.

Encountering the “Page Not Found” error on your website for the first time can cause a little panic, but don’t get excited yet; a simple fix can put everything back to normal.

Here at we receive regular pleas for help from church website admins who run into this issue. Depending on your website and server settings, the error will look something like this when attempting to view a specific page or post.


Often your browser will return “404 Error – Page not found” or some other type of warning along the same lines. Symptoms include being able to fully access the backend of your website or even other public portions of your website. What is the fix?

Resave Your Permalinks

After installing a new plugin or theme (such as ours), or making random changes to your site, WordPress is sometimes confronted with new post types that it doesn’t know how to handle or does so incorrectly. By forcing WordPress to recreate the permalinks structure your navigation “fixes” itself. So how do you do this? It is very simple…

1. Login to your site’s WordPress Dashboard


2. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks


3. Click the “Save Changes” button (you do not need to do anything else)


Presto! Your posts and pages should now be loading correctly. If you are a member and are still experiencing problems with your site after trying this solution, feel free to contact us for support.