New Release Update

New WP for Church

New Release Update

Hi everybody, we have come up against some unforeseen circumstances and need to push the new release¬†back to next Friday, January 22. We greatly apologize for this delay. We are excited to get things to you fast, so in the mean time, here is the scoop on what’s happening soon.

New Theme –¬†Cornerstone

screenshotWP for Church will release Cornerstone theme as the new flagship theme. We take a minimal approach to design and mobile-ready approach to development. Cornerstone features a built-in color customization feature and perfectly integrates Sermon Manager with a beautiful image grid and a custom sermons page.


Cornerstone comes with an awesome set of extensions which makes it the best theme released so far. The extensions are a huge part of what makes Cornerstone so awesome. Don’t have an eye for color but want something different? Cornerstone gives you three color presets made available with our Cornerstone Colors Add-on. And more will be coming in the future. Cornerstone features the beautiful use of our Cornerstone Slider that’s intuitive and easy to use without all the extra hassle of some other premium sliders. You can add a caption and linked url to each slide as needed. And we have even more great plans for Cornerstone in the future as well.

New Plugin – Verses for Church

Verses for Church
Verses for Church allows the best use of linking any Bible reference on any page and even includes the audio from the ESV version. When you hover over a reference, a pop up box appears containing the verses and audio.

Buy Verses for Church Now

New Plan – Pro Church Plan

The current themes and plugins will remain available for purchase and at the same price. But for a $99/yr subscription you will receive Cornerstone theme and all the complementary plugins in addition to the legacy themes and plugins previously available. Yep, $99 for everything, old and new.

Pre-Order Pro Church Plan Now


New Sale – 30% off until January 31st

But you will also receive a 30% discount if you purchase the new Pro Church Plan All Access Membership before January 31st.

Next Project – Drum roll please…

To start off the weekend well, we are releasing Verses for Church today for $29. Pro Church Plan will also be available for pre-order today at the 30% discount. And lastly, we have tallied the results. Our next project to be released in February or March will be an Online Giving solution.


  1. Rocky Swartz

    We are very excited to have a look at the new “Cornerstone” theme, especially improvements made to “Sermon Manager”.
    W currently have an “All Access Membership”, which is due to recur on 17 February 2016.
    Please advise if the new “Pro Church Plan” is included to current members. This is normally the case with other website development providers. All new plugins and themes and updates are included in current subscriptions.
    Also can you advise whether all of your themes are WordPress 4.4 compliant. We have had no theme updates in the past year.
    Thank you, Rocky Swartz

    • Wayne Sankarlal

      Further to Rocky’s question we are in a similar boat though we renewed in late November. I’ve also noticed that the pricing has gone from unlimited sites tiered increases based on the number of sites.

      I’d just like some clarification on the pricing changes and how they would affect existing customers who had olted for the previously All Inclusive option.


      • Wayne Sankarlal

        That should be “the pricing has gone from unlimited sites to tiered increases based on the number of sites”


        “how they would affect existing customers who had opted for the previously All Inclusive option.”

      • Jeremiah Prummer

        Hi Wayne!

        Thank you for the questions. As I told Rocky the new items will not be available in the old plan. More information can be found in that response or in the link here:

        As for upgrade costs, we setup the 30% discount to compensate for the unused time in your previous subscription, but as you just recently renewed your subscription the 30% isn’t going to quite cover it for you. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you a discount code to compensate for that extra time. Let us know if you have any other questions!

    • Jeremiah Prummer

      Hi Rocky!

      Thanks for the question. New features will not be included in the old plan. As you pointed out nothing has been updated in over a year. When we took over this business we knew that the pricing model needed to change in order to support and improve upon the base that Jack and his team built here at WP for Church. There wasn’t enough money coming in to even cover basic bug fixes, let alone enough income to invest in new and improved themes and plugins. We believe the extra $40/year strikes a good balance between bringing in enough income to grow the business while still keep prices well below the industry average and very affordable for churches. We have several new things up our sleeve. Check out the FAQ blog post here and let us know if you have any more questions. :)

  2. Rocky Swartz

    Hi Jeremiah

    Thanks for the information. Never thought of looking at the FAQ.

    We have now been sent my renewal reminder for the old membership = package. These have arrived as single license renewals for each of your = products. I have followed the links to each of the renewals and it does = not give me the ability to renew all of them as a single purchase “All = Access Membership”.

    Please advise how we replace the existing membership with the new = membership. From what I can see is we have to Join again. This is not = a problem, but what happens to the existing license keys?

    Also, from a future budgeting perspective, assuming the 30% discount = will fall away at the next renewal, please let us know to what extent = the membership price will be increased in a year’s time and the effect = new themes/plugins releases will have on future pricing. For example, = say you developed a facilities management plugin for churches, would = that be additional to the new membership plan?

    Finally, will the older themes be able to utilize the new features of = Sermon Manager, as envisaged for the “Cornerstone” theme?

    • Rocky Swartz

      Hi Jeremiah

      We are getting close to your deadline for the 30% discount. Do you have any answers to my earlier questions?

      • Jeremiah Prummer

        oh, haha perfect timing. See my response and please feel free to email our support directly at [email protected]

    • Jeremiah Prummer

      Hi Rocky!

      No worries, we just added that FAQ. :)

      1. How to upgrade – Unfortunately we ran into an issue with our systems that we’re working on now. It requires us to manually cancel your existing membership before you can get the new one. If you want to do that please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get it done for you. We’ll hopefully have this all fixed this week.
      2. Price increases – For existing members we’re offering the upgrade at 30% off ($69) for the first year to compensate for unused subscription time in past subscriptions. That price will go up to $99 for all consecutive years. It is possible that we will offer a higher tier plan in the future, but if we do that it will only be because we’re adding new functionality that requires a tremendous amount of support and development. Again your existing plan would remain just like the legacy plan that you are currently on will remain. At this point in time we don’t have plans for a higher tier, but we’re leaving that possibility open.
      3. Older themes will eventually use some of the new CornerStone features (i.e. Verses) but not all (i.e. page builder). We’ll do what we can with them, but they are on a different framework. Eventually we hope to release an improved version of sermon manager that has a better templating engine that will work inside the older themes as well, but we’re several months out on that.

      Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

      • Rocky Swartz

        Hi Jeremiah

        Sometimes life can be full of surprises. Good timing though!

        I will send an e-mail to your help desk as advised.

        I noticed you mentioned “page builder”. Does that mean that the new theme will include a page builder, if so, which builder are you referring to. Currently I have used “Visual Composer” together with the “Edwards” theme. Not that you would recognize the theme.

      • Jeremiah Prummer

        Rocky – in the short term we’re looking at integrating with a solid page builder, but long term may be building our own. We’ll definitely be keeping you updated. :)

  3. Rick Wolfe

    I’d like to talk to someone regarding our current account.

    • Jeremiah Prummer

      Hi Rick! Can you send an email to [email protected]? We can answer any questions there. :)