FAQ about the new Pro Church Access Plan

All the exciting changes has brought up some questions and we’ve summarized the top several for you here.

Q. Why the increase in price?

A. When we purchased WP for Church in December we recognized that we needed to make some immediate changes to the membership model. The old membership plan is certainly at a great price, but in reality it wasn’t sustainable.  For instance, most of the product content hasn’t been updated in over a year for the simple fact that there wasn’t enough money coming in to cover the cost of bug fixes let alone future development. The new pricing plan ensures that you will enjoy a variety of new web themes and plugins for the duration of your membership as well as peace of mind from stable products.

To help realize the value of the new membership plan we are currently releasing some new products to justify the increased cost. When we finish releasing this set of new products we will put time into updating and improving the older themes and plugins.

Bear in mind that the legacy all-access plan is still available and everything that was available for $59 prior to the transition will remain available in the legacy package at the $59 price. However, all new content will be available in the new $99/year plan.

Q. What is the difference between the old plan and new plan?

A. The new plan currently includes Verses for Church–a plugin for automatically embedding scripture text and audio into your site content. In addition we are releasing the following items:

  • Our new flagship theme – CornerStone
  • An image slider plugin for CornerStone
  • Support for Online Giving
  • Support for Events/Ticketing
  • An online layman’s Bible Study Tool

Q. What if I already purchased the legacy subscription?

A. We set a 30% discount for all current subscribers to help compensate for the unused time in your current membership. Remember that your existing legacy subscription is completely valid and you will retain access to all legacy products as before.

Q. How do the new site license tiers work?

We added site license tiers in an attempt to better cope with the costs of customer support. All our code is open source (GPL licensed) and can technically be used in any way you deem appropriate (on as many sites as you deem appropriate). That said, we will only be providing customer support for sites that are licensed. We have substantial experience in the WordPress plugin business and have found that this is the most fair pricing model.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]