FAQ for EDD Donations

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How do I change the background color of the donation element like on your demo page?

After following the basic setup instructions, some users were disappointed that the donation element on their giving page did not pop out from the page background like it does on our demo page.

The EDD Donations plugin was designed to blend into any page by default; however, if you want the donations element to “pop,” just add the following custom CSS to your theme.

Notice that the !important qualifier follows each line of code. This is necessary with some themes so that this custom CSS overrides any theme settings.

Of course you can change the color values of the background and border-color to compliment your page background.

How do I change text strings hard-coded into the plugin?

Users sometimes ask if it is possible to change the button text “enter your donation amount” to some other wording. This text string is hard-coded into the plugin, so there is no field in the settings to change this caption; however, there are ways to change the text without altering the plugin.

One “quick and easy” method is to use a translation plugin like Codestyling Localization to create an alternate rendering (i.e. translation) of the text. In other words, you are providing an alternate English translation of English text…but using different words of course.

If you have never used a localization plugin to translate text, here is a quick overview of the process using the Codestyling Localization plugin as our example.

  1. Install the Codestyling Localization plugin using our instructions for installing a plugin as a reference if necessary.
  2. Go to settings > localization from your WordPress dashboard
  3. The tool will list all plugins and themes on your site. Scroll through the list of themes and plugins until you find EDD Donations plugin and click “edit”
  4. Search through the text strings until you find the one you want to change and click “edit”
  5. Modify the text as needed and then click “save”
  6. Important: Re-generate the MO file by clicking the “generate mo-file” button near the top
  7. Refresh your donations page to verify the change was processed.

My 'Donate Now' button says 'Free' on it, how do I get rid of that?

To allow user-defined donation amounts, web designers often leave the price amount field in campaign options at $0.00, thinking the donor can enter their own amount. Instead, the “donate now” button populates with “free” like in the screenshot below.


To incorporate user-defined donation amounts, the “variable pricing” feature must be enabled in the campaign/fund options and at least one variable pricing option setup. The label for the pricing option is insignificant so I suggest using the title “One-time gift” for a simple online giving page. Here is a screenshot of the campaign settings for reference.

variable pricing demo

This naturally raises the topic of automatic recurring donations. If you purchase the recurring payments extension of EDD you can setup those recurring purchases/donations in this same area. A detailed tutorial of this process will be written in the future.