Getting Started with Church Slider


Church Slider is a responsive but lightweight image slider initially designed to compliment our Cornerstone theme but may be used with any other theme. A key advantage to remember when using a plugin like Church Slider (instead of an image slider built into your theme) is that once you setup your home slides and slideshows you don’t have to change them if you decide to switch themes. Also, you can use short codes to place your slideshows in more areas of your website if you want to.

This short tutorial will help you through the basic process of installing and using the Church Slider plugin for the first time. It is a very simple plugin so this won’t take you long.

Download Plugin Files

After you purchase Church Slider, or subscribed to the Pro Church Plan, you will receive an email with links to download the plugin zip file. Click the link for the Church Slider plugin and save it for later.


Alternatively, you can login and visit your account page at and choose the “View Details and Downloads link” under the “Payment History” tab.account_links


View your license by clicking “View Licenses”. We’ll be using this for activation, support, and updates with the WP for Church Sidekick plugin (which you need to download as well for installation later).

Install Church Slider

Now that your plugin file is downloaded, log in to your WordPress site and from the admin menu navigate to Plugins > Add New. From there click on the button to Upload Plugin.


From the upload page click Choose File and then locate the file you previously saved and upload it. Once uploaded and installed you have the option to activate the plugin immediately which you want to do by clicking the Activate Plugin link.


Once Church Slider is successfully installed you want to take a moment to activate your license for it in WP for Church Sidekick so that you receive updates and important notices automatically. You need to have Sidekick already installed and your licence key from your WP for Church account page.

To register your license simply navigate to WP for Church > Manage Licenses from the admin panel. Copy and paste your license key in the appropriate field and click Save License Key Changes.


Create Your First Slideshow

A slideshow (a.k.a. “slider”) is made up of individual images called “slides” and is added to your homepage (or anywhere else) using a simple short code. Let’s step through the process.

Create a slideshow by navigating to Slides > Sliders from the Dashboard. Don’t confuse Slides (individual images) with Sliders (the overall slideshow).


To create an new slideshow simply give it a name/title and a short, one-word “slug” (i.e. home) and the click the Add New Slider button at the bottom of the page. Note: none of this info will be seen by your viewers.slider_add_new_slider

Next add several images (slides) to your new slideshow by navigating to Slides > Add New Slide. The slide editor screen has only a couple options. You give each slide a name in the title field and then upload your image by clicking on the Set Featured Image link.

NOTE:We recommend that you always use images larger than 1200 pixels wide so that your images fit your theme correctly. 


You also have the option to link each slide to a different page by adding the URL to that page in the Slide URL field (see illustration above). This is useful if your slide advertises something that you have a page for on your site.

Lastly, you choose which slider/slideshow this slide belongs to. Bear in mind that your images can belong to multiple slideshows if neccesary. In the illustration below, this slide belongs to just one slideshow called “Home” that I created in the first step.


Now all you need to do is tell your homepage which slideshow to display. To do this you place the following short code on your homepage where you want the slideshow to display.

[church-slider slider=”home”]

Note: replace “home” with whatever slug name you used in your slider options.


Congratulations! You know everything you need to know to get started with the Church Slider plugin! There are no settings to change because Church Slider is an extremely simple and lightweight plugin designed to showcase your images and simplify your website.

Enjoy using Church Slider and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for support.