Getting Started with Welcome Addon for Cornerstone


The Welcome for Church plugin is a complementary add-on for the Cornerstone Theme. It is a simple plugin that loads a splash screen the first time a website visitor loads your page. Your message can be a brief text greeting or include an embedded video welcome to your church. Once closed, the welcome screen will not reappear to that visitor unless they return a week or more later.

This short tutorial will help you through the basic process of installing and using Welcome for Church for the first time.

Download Plugin Files

After you purchase Welcome for Church, or subscribed to the Pro Church Plan, you will receive an email with links to download the plugin zip file. Click the link for the Verses for Church and save it for later.


Alternatively, you can login and visit your account page at and choose the “View Details and Downloads link” under the “Payment History” tab.account_links


View your license by clicking “View Licenses”. We’ll be using this for activation, support, and updates with the WP for Church Sidekick plugin (which you need to download as well for installation later).

Install Welcome for Church

Now that your plugin file is downloaded, log in to your WordPress site and from the admin menu navigate to Plugins > Add New. From there click on the button to Upload Plugin.


From the upload page click Choose File and then locate the file you previously saved and upload it. Once uploaded and installed you have the option to activate the plugin immediately which you want to do by clicking the Activate Plugin link.


Once Welcome for Church is successfully installed you want to take a moment to activate your license for it in WP for Church Sidekick so that you receive updates and important notices automatically. You need to have Sidekick already installed and your licence key from your WP for Church account page.

To register your license simply navigate to WP for Church > Manage Licenses from the admin panel. Copy and paste your license key in the appropriate field and click Save License Key Changes.


Using Welcome for Church


Welcome for Church is driven by short-codes that you write directly on the page(s) where you want the splash screen to occur (which is usually your home page). The short code only has three parts so we will look at them together. Let’s use the following example short code

[welcome title=”Welcome to First Street Church” lead=”A Church Family on the Move”]

Before you finish browsing our site today I just want to take a moment to welcome you to First Street Church and I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our services! God bless you, – Pastor Bailey


Here is what the short code above looks like on a website


Let’s breakdown the short code into pieces and discuss

  • [welcome] Start your short code with the [welcome] bracket and immediately follow it with the closing [/welcome] so that you don’t forget later. Now you will just fill in the middle part.
  • Title= is obviously where you place your title. Pay attention to the quotations marks around the title and note where there are no spaces.
  • Lead= is like a subtitle. You can leave it out if you would rather. Remember the quotations and spaces
  • Content in the middle makes up the paragraph text. Keep it short so readers won’t skip it and close the banner.

That’s all there is to the short code but you can take your welcome screen to the next level by embedding items into the content using embed tags. Youtube videos are a perfect example. All you have to do is copy and paste the embed code from the youtube video into the content section and it will display on your welcome screen.

A Welcome screen can be added to any page or post where you place additional short codes but don’t get excessive. Most website visitors find pop-ups annoying after the second time (or even the first!). Use with moderation.


Congratulations! You know everything you need to know to start using Verses for Church! There are no additional settings to change because this is an extremely simple and lightweight plugin.

Enjoy using Verses for Church and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for support.