Using People

People provide a convenient way to provide listing of any type of people: staff, ministry leaders, deacons, missionaries, volunteers, etc. To start you’ll need to make sure people are enabled in the Church Pack Dashboard.

Adding a Person

Each person has several fields besides the name.

Photo – This image will be used in the exact size you select after uploading. Make sure the image isn’t too large for your theme. Generally, WordPress’ thumbnail size is a good choice.

Bio – Here’s where you can add a brief biography.

Email – This is protected from spam bots using core WordPress features.

Blog, Facebook, and Twitter – Make sure you enter the full url for each of these including the “http://”

Displaying Content

Create a new page and insert the short code to display all people you’ve added.

If your page is only displaying some of your people (i.e. only 10 are showing) force WordPress to “display all” with the following parameters.

To show only a specific category, use this shortcode:

To change the order, the Post Types Order plugin is the easiest solution. The shortcode can also handle all the available WP_Query options listed here: