Using Photo Albums

Easily add albums to your church website. Photos are added using WordPress’ core features & displayed using a lightbox. Make sure you enable albums in the Church Pack Dashboard before getting started.

Adding Photo Albums

When you create a new album, you may add a title and then a description in the content editor. On the right side of the edit screen you’ll also want to add a “featured image”. This will serve as the cover image for your photo album.

Beneath the editor, there is an additional meta box entitled “Gallery Images”. Simply click “upload images” to open the media library popup. Go ahead and upload images like you normally would, and be sure to save all changes when your files are done uploading. Do not insert as a gallery, just close the popup box when you are done. Publish your album and you are done. Here’s what the album will look like after it saves:

Displaying Photo Albums

Create a new page and insert the shortcode to display all albums you’ve added.

To show only a specific category, use this shortcode: