WPforChurch Offers Several Support Options…

Your fastest resource is our published Knowledge Base. We continually update our KB to address frequent questions, answers and new products.

If the KB does not help resolve your issue, please email your question directly to [email protected] using the email address associated with your purchase (if possible). For the best possible answer to your question, include these elements in your request:

1. Email address you used to purchase support if it is different than what you are using
2. Clear explanation of what is going wrong and what you are trying to do instead
3. If you were following a tutorial in the KB, at what step did your issue occur?
4. URL to live site where the issue is occurring or screenshots
5. List any troubleshooting already done

If your question is about our free Sermon Manager plugin, and you do not wish to purchase our user support package, you can post your question to the WordPress community support forum for Sermon Manager. WPforChurch support staff monitor this forum as a courtesy when extra time allows.