Theme Options Panel

You can find the theme options panel under Appearance => Theme Options in the WordPress Dashboard.

General Options

Logo Style – Choose between text or an image logo. If you don’t check to upload an image logo, Basic Church will use the Site Title and Tagline set in Settings => General. The Title font can be changed under the Typography tab in the theme options panel.

Favicon – Upload a favicon that will display in the browser address bar. It should be 16 by 16 pixels. You can create one online here.

iOS Icon – Upload an icon to display on Apple Mobile devices.

Sidebar Position – Choose to display the sidebar on the right or left side of your content. It defaults to the right side.

Church Information

These details are used for various widgets.

Style Options

The following options allow you to apply basic customizations to your theme colors.

Page Background – This allows you to set a color, an image, or a combination of two for the background of your site. You can download some great transparent backgrounds on our site or find many other free background images at Subtle Patterns.

Content Area Background – This controls the background for your main content and widget areas.

Menu Color – Select the main color of your menu. This will also be used as the main accent color.

Header (text) Color – If you aren’t using an image logo, you can change the text color of the site title here.

Link Color – Choose the color for all of your hyperlinks.

Link Hover Color – Choose the color to use when hovering over a hyperlink.

Custom CSS – Add your own CSS as needed. This can especially be helpful if you are using a Google webfont and you need to adjust one of the heading sizes.


The following options allow you to apply basic customizations to your theme fonts. Enter the name of the Google Web Font you want to use for the site title. For example, you would need to enter “Averia Gruesa Libre” if you want to use this font:


Show Featured Image on Single Posts – This controls whether to show a featured image on individual posts. For more information on featured images, please see this article:

Featured Image Size – If you checked to show a featured image, you can choose between display a small thumbnail image or a full-width image.


Slideshow Delay – Enter the number of seconds you want to elapse between slides.


Extra Header Text – HTML or text can be inserted into the right side of the header. You might add twitter icons, badges, or a site announcement here.

Footer Scripts – Add custom footer scripts such as Google Analytics. Do not include the <script> tag. This is already done for you.

Footer Fine Print – HTML or text to be inserted into the very bottom after the widgets. Adding text here will replace the credit link.

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