Content Shortcodes

When Church Pack is installed, you’ll see a new button on the visual editor that makes it easy to use any of the shortcodes.

Below are the parameters for each shortcode.


  • Size = (pixels or percentage)


  • Style = dotted, dashed, solid, double

Google Maps

  • Height = (pixels or percentage)
  • Width = (pixels or percentage); leave blank for responsive sites
  • Title = this is displayed in the popup bubble
  • Location = full address


  • Icon = blogger, delicious, digg, dribbble, evernote, facebook, flickr, github, google, instagram, linkedin, mail, picasa, pinterest, rss, skype, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, windows, wordpress, youtube


  • color = black, red, orange, blue, pink, green, brown, purple, gold, teal
  • url =
  • title = this is the link title value
  • size = small, large, giant
  • target = blank, self
  • border_radius = any pixel value – use 99px for pill-shaped buttons


  • color =yellow, blue, red, green


  • color = gray, black, green, yellow, blue, red, orange, white


  • title = text string


  • title = text string


  • title = text string


  • size = one-half, one-third, two-third, one-fourth, three-fourth, one-fift, two-fifth, one-sixth, five-sixth.
  • position = first, last
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