Sermon Manager

sermon-menuSermon Manager helps churches easily publish sermons online. If you are looking for a WordPress sermon plugin, then you’ve come to the right place! You can add speakers, sermon series, Bible references etc. Sermons can have multiples files (mp3, doc, pdf) added to them. Video embeds from sites like Vimeo are also possible.


  • Full Podcasting to publish your sermons to iTunes
  • Add audio, video, pdf for Sermon Notes and Bulletins, etc to each sermon
  • Organize sermons by speaker, series, and topic
  • HTML5 Audio player works on mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc).
Sermon Manager is available for free in the WordPress plugin respository: Purchasing it here gives you access to our support!

Also available for free, on the WordPress repository, is the Sermon Manager Import tool created by Kyle Hornberg that enables bulk import of sermons in MP3 format. This tool is not supported by WPforChurch but may be very useful to our subscribers.