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Displaying God’s Word clearly on your website is a huge deal and we understand. Though there are some unsupported and free plugins out there to display your Bible verse references, they all have one thing or another missing. If nothing else, when something changes or breaks, there is no support readily available. That’s where Verses for Church comes in to help you clearly display God’s Word on your site.

Verses for Church lets you easily insert quotations from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible made available through Crossway. Every quotation or linked reference also contains a link to read more of the context on

Inserting quotation is easy. Simply click the “Add Verse” button right above the WordPress editor and type in the desired reference.

Screenshot Verse Input

The plugin will generate the appropriate short code display your verse where ever you want in your post.

Screenshot Verse Display

Verses can find a myriad of reference shorthand and match with the intended reference (ie – Jn and Rom for John and Romans). And to cover you on the issue of copyright, it also generates the proper copyright notice on your post or page in which you add a verse.

Screenshot Copyright

Verses for Church also searches for any reference on your site and links it to a Scripture passage that can be displayed by hovering over the reference with your cursor. An audio recording of the passage is conveniently available as well as the option to “read more” of the passage at for contextual study. Create a free account with them, and you can even highlight and take notes while your there.

Screenshot Verse Popup

And Verses for Church works for every screen size so that no matter who is viewing your site, the Word of God is always accessible.